Château Le Maine Martin Bordeaux Supérieur

In order to maintain the tradition of Château Le Maine Martin, we always do our utmost to produce a good wine and at the same time preserving the richness of its character. We are very fortunate at Chateau le Maine Martin to have our vines planted on very different types of soil which enable us to cultivate four different grape varieties: Cabernet Franc on gravely-sandy soil that is warm with not too much moisture, Merlot on move humid, cooler, clay soil .

The wines of Chateau Le Maine Martin are rich in different aromas. They are soft, fruity and light, almost creamy, but with sufficient tannins to enable them to keep for up to ten years. After four years they are an unrivalled accompaniment for roast chicken turkey and pork. If you can bear to wait for 8-12 years in the case of a good vintage they will reveal all their mellowness, finesse and subtlety.

Chateau de Frégent Red Bordeaux

 This is Château Le Maine Martin’s second wine. It is produced in exactly the same way. However in order to make it softer it is filtered several times to enable it to be drunk earlier. Furthermore, we select the softer, more approachable "cuvées" which will ensure that it is perfect for drinking within 2 to 4 years from the harvest. The vintage does not play such an important role here, however in the best years it can be kept for as long as 3-8 years. 

Fruity, fleshy, generous and supple, Chateau de Frequent reveals a whole kaleidoscope of aromas and flavours. 

Château de Frégent Bordeaux rosé

 A light, frivolous wine, charming with its rich, delicate fruity freshness. Our rosé has 12° alcohol and is produced by crushing the red grapes, pressing them and vinifying the juice without maceration. A lively, fruity wine that should be served chilled, between 8° and 9° to accompany seafood, specialities from the South of  France or other Mediterranean countries, salads and also barbecued meats.   

 The appellations Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur account for 50% of the Bordeaux vineyard area.

The AOC red Bordeaux are produced throughout the whole of the designated Bordeaux A.O.C. area.