The Estate

The choice of traditional, artisanal methods

Our Estate is located on the outskirts, to the North-East of Bordeaux, on 40 hectares that spread over the villages of Saint-Sulpice-et-Cameyrac, Izon and Vayres.

The vineyard of Château Le Maine Martin is split up into several different parcels, whereas that of Château Toulouze is one single vineyard.

The grape vine is traditionally a creeper with wide-spreading, tentacular vegetation that needs to be tamed throughout the course of the year.

We have chosen to treat our vineyard more as a small, artisanal farm rather than an agricultural estate, which implies immense respect of nature and the environment and the terroir itself.

Traceability in the vineyard is nothing new to us. We have applied this principal for many generations as it is an essential factor in determining the quality of the grapes from the different parcels of our vineyard.

Respecting winemaking traditions means concentrating all our efforts to produce a good wine, preserving the richness of its own special character. This implies using as few chemicals as possible, by ploughing over the soil, rather than using weekkillers. We also use natural rather than chemical fertilizers in order to preserve the layer of humus around the vines which is in itself a source of life.